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September 2019: The Perfect Space to Age In Place

 September 2019
The Perfect Space to Age In Place


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Watch our bideo for tips to help you declutter your parent's home.


The comfort of aging in a house you’ve made a home with memories and special moments is the way many older adults envision spending the later years of their lives. Although it seems simple to stay where you are, making the decision to age in place should be followed up with careful thought and planning to maintain quality of life, independence, and a healthy environment.




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After raising children, your home can start to become a storage unit for the things your child couldn’t or didn’t take with them. To prepare for your next phase in life as the parent of adult children, we have a few tips to help you bring a new level of order and organization to your home.




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If you’ve decided to remain in your own home for the later years of your life planning to organize your home to be more functional is essential.




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Before deciding if rightsizing or downsizing is the right fit, you should consider five major factors.