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Having made the decision to sell our much loved second home in Tucson...we were faced with what to do about furniture, beds and many other items we had accumulated over the years.  With our permanent (and well furnished) home in England, we had the task of disposal from 6,000 miles away - a daunting prospect. On a personal recommendation, we called in Caring Transitions of Tucson.  Everything from house clearance sale arrangements through to all costs were explained to us in excellent detail and gave us considerable confidence in their abilities. The sale proceeded while we were back in England complete with excellent photographs, web promotion and very well laid out display of goods on offer.  All movement of goods, deliveries and house cleaning were fully taken care of and security was a prime consideration. The net prices we achieved were at the top end of our expectations. A five star service from beginning to 
end and thoroughly recommended.  

~ Dr J Gibson, Stafford, England

Ms. Gillette...I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have become CT estate sale groupies!  We have never particularly cared for estate sales as they usually make one feel awkward and the vibe is often creepy. The atmosphere your team creates in a home is caring, kind and welcoming, we seek out your company's sales each Saturday.   Your prices are good and the items are always well displayed. The staff is friendly, and helpful no matter how busy it is!  Congratulations on a job well done!!!  

~ T. Trewhella the check today and wanted to thank you for the great job. My mom's neighbors said the sale was extremely well advertised, prepared and attended.   

~M. Strassberg

The house did look beautiful after the sale, and we were satisfied with the timing and results of the sale. It was a great value to us to have all the details handled smoothly and professionally and by a single source. You made what could have been an immense burden very easy.  Thanks once again to you and to Caring Transitions for making our downsizing and moving go so well!   

~J. Hays

We received your check in the mail. It was quite a lot more than we had expected - a nice surprise!  We especially want to thank you and all your helpers for managing the sale so well - even with time constraints and some real winter weather.  Thank you so much for all you did to make it a success! You worked well with the new home owner to resolve many of their fears. And many of the neighbors enjoyed the event and friendly staff at the sale.
We are very pleased.   

~M. Caldwell

Thanks so much...if you ever need a reference, please feel free to provide my name and contact information. I'm happy to provide a letter or talk with a potential client of yours anytime. You all have been wonderful, and frankly have saved my bacon.  

~M. Pearthree (We helped Ms. Pearthree move her mother from the family home and then organized 80 years of treasures to host a huge estate sale).  

Just got mother had a stream of visitors, mostly staff members, welcoming her back. She was exhausted from all the socializing. I want to thank you all for taking such great care of my mother's belongings, for accommodating her wishes and needs, for great packing and room setup, and for your patience, caring and humor. I couldn't be happier. Be assured that I will be giving you the highest recommendation. 

  ~P. Shack (We helped Ms. Shack move her 104-year-old mother from one retirement community to another.)

 Your whole transition process was great, so smooth and organized from beginning to end.  I wish all my daily updating was in the same category!  How much that packing, unpacking, and placing of furniture greatly eased the move from familiar to unfamiliar surroundings.  I was in the apartment one last time before turning in my key - WELL DONE!  Thank you also for easing the trauma of cleaning and disposing of all the extra stuff left behind - and of the course the nice check.  I've had the happy opportunity to express my appreciation and praise for your company and its services and will continue as the opportunity arises.  

~S. Mitchell

Thank you for taking such good care of Mom's items and for everything you did for the sale.  Your family business is so caring and thoughtful and runs so efficiently.  Thanks!  

~S. Haney

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We could NOT have survived this experience without your hard work, kind words, wise advice, and caring presence.  Feel very good about what you do.  We feel like you were sent from above.  

~L. FLater, J. Fenton  (We helped Ms. Flater and Ms. Fenton liquidate the contents of their parents home as well as arranging for shredding and much more.  All on a very tight timeline to meet a closing date.)

Many thanks to you and your team for working so hard to make our sale effortless (for us) and such a great experience. It was a great week for us. Your kind and caring ways come through in everything you do.  A million thank-you’s from us to you and your staff---we are forever grateful.  

~M. Abramo, H. Nakajima (We helped Ms. Abramo and Mr. Nakajima sell a vehicle as well as significantly downsize their home with an estate sale.)

I am glad I selected Caring Transitions from among all of the local estate sale companies. Not only were they competitively priced, they were very professional, personable, and accommodating throughout the process. Plus, the estate sale was a success. I am very pleased with Caring Transitions.  

~W. Kavanagh  (We helped Mr. Kavanagh and his sister liquidate and cleanout their deceased parents' home.) 

I just want you to know that you've been amazing through this whole thing.  I know it's your job, but you have no idea how grateful I am (as well as my brother).  This has been the most difficult thing I've ever had to go through in my life and I really appreciate you coming in and taking care of one of the hardest things that has to be done.  I have no words to express my gratitude.  

~C. Teissedre (We helped Ms. Teissedre and her brother liquidate their mother's home after her sudden passing.) 

It was a relief to be able to let someone else take care of the mountainous task that we had - especially since we were out of state.  

~S. Allerheiligen  (We helped Ms. Allerheiligen with her parents' home; services included a cleanout, estate sale, and post-sale clean-up)

I cannot tell you how much my mother and I appreciate your efforts to relocate my mother to an assisted living facility.  Your attention to detail and professional passion for doing the right thing have made this very difficult transition much easier for our entire family.  

~D. Temple  (We helped Ms. Temple with her mothers' move from her home into a retirement community, a cleanout of the family home, an off-site estate sale, and a second move within the retirement community)

Thanks and blessings Sherri and Matt.  I appreciate the love and care with which you run your devine business.  Mom does too. ; )  

~P. Muirhead  (We helped Ms. Muirhead after the loss of her mother.  Services included home cleanout and an estate sale to liquidate a huge fine jewelry collection.)

We were under tight time constraints to move into our new (smaller) house and facing a mountain of excess stuff.  The Gillette women helped us focus on the decisions that we needed to make and arranged for the sale or donation of the items we no longer needed or wanted.  Sherri's knowledge of the value (or lack there of) of so many of our treasures gave us the confidence that we were making good decisions throughout the process.  Their efficiency, caring and commitment made the job we had to do more manageable. They also made it FUN...a real plus to a job that could otherwise have been daunting. We are excited to share their name / services with other friends / clients who will surely benefit from their services. 

~C. Stockdale, D. Gustafson